Create a Commerce.js store with Svelte and Sapper

In the following videos we'll create a Commerce.js powered store with Svelte, and Sapper.

We will fetch products, and their categories, along with creating pages for each, and an index page to show everything.

Part 1

Let's get setup with the initial Sapper + Svelte boilerplate, and customize it to our needs.

Part 2

In this video we'll install and setup Commerce.js You'll need an account to continue, or you can continue with the demo public API key: pk_184625ed86f36703d7d233bcf6d519a4f9398f20048ec.

Part 3

In this video we'll use the async preload function to fetch our merchant information, categories, and products for index.svelte.

Part 4

In this video we'll go ahead and create the products index page at routes/products/index.svelte.

Part 5

In this video we'll create the index page for our categories at routes/categories/index.svelte.

Part 6

In this video we'll handle creating pages for all our categories using the [slug].

Part 7

Just like we did for the category pages, let's handle creating pages for each of our products using the [permalink].