Build a Node.js GraphQL Server

In the following few videos I will walk you through creating a GraphQL server using the graphql.js package.

We will connect Express.js and Mongoose to power our GraphQL Schema, Query and Mutation.

Part 1

In this video we'll get started creating our GraphQL server with Express.js, with an event type, and basic query.

Part 2

In this video we'll explore fetching our events from Mongo using the argument id in our Event query.

Part 3

In this video we'll cover using GraphQL Mutations.

Part 4

In this video we'll create a query for getting all events.

Part 5

In this video we'll implement some basic GraphQL Subscriptions functionality.

Part 6

In this video we'll explore refactoring some of our GraphQL server using the context.

Part 7

In this video we'll explore implementing pagination for our events query.

Edit: Since recording this tutorial, there's a lot of new GraphQL tooling available, however this concept still stands, and a lot of production servers still use the graphql.js implementation.